Hi, I’m Raj, a CS PhD student at Cornell Tech. I am advised by Emma Pierson and supported by an NSF graduate fellowship. I’m interested in the social implications of machine learning, with a focus on language models, fairness, and healthcare. Recently, I’ve been studying disagreements and value pluralism in how users interact with LLMs. Before, I’ve published work on how LLM research is becoming increasingly sociotechnical and how coarse race categories undermine algorithmic fairness audits.

Previously, I studied CS at MIT with minors in Women’s & Gender Studies and Biology. I was lucky to work with the Data + Feminism Lab, where we developed intersectional, participatory NLP systems to support activist labor (FAccT 2022). I’ve also interned at Apple Research, studying efficiency and compression for language models [1, 2]. I am very thankful to my excellent mentors along the way, including Harini Suresh, Jonathan Frankle, and Shayne Longpre; see here for a longer list of people who I’m indebted to! I was also president of AI@MIT, where I helped design intro ML workshops and ordered lots of food.

I hew closely to PhD stereotypes: my primary hobbies are baking, rock climbing, reading, mixology, and (mostly watching) tennis. I occasionally write things here.


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