Conferences & Journals

Combining Compressions for Multiplicative Size Scaling on Natural Language Tasks.
COLING 2022.
Rajiv Movva, Jinhao Lei, Shayne Longpre, Ajay Gupta, Chris DuBois.
Completed during Apple internship.
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Towards Intersectional, Feminist, Participatory ML: A Case Study in Supporting Feminicide Counterdata Collection.
FAccT 2022, Best Paper!
Harini Suresh, Rajiv Movva, Amelia Dogan, Giulia Taurino, Rahul Bhargava, Catherine D’Ignazio.
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Deciphering regulatory DNA sequences and noncoding genetic variants using neural network models of massively parallel reporter assays.
PLoS ONE (2019).
Rajiv Movva, Peyton Greenside, Georgi K Marinov, Surag Nair, Avanti Shrikumar, Anshul Kundaje.
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Studying the Consistency and Composability of Lottery Ticket Pruning Masks.
ICLR Workshop on Science and Engineering of Deep Learning 2021.
Rajiv Movva, Jonathan Frankle, Michael Carbin.
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Dissecting Lottery Ticket Transformers: Structural and Behavorial Study of Sparse Neural Machine Translation.
BlackboxNLP @ EMNLP 2020, Best Paper!
Rajiv Movva and Jason Zhao.
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Preprints, etc.

Accelerating single-cell genomic analysis with GPUs.
bioRxiv (2022).
Corey Nolet, Avantika Lal, Rajesh Ilango, Taurean Dyer, Rajiv Movva, John Zedlewski, Johnny Israeli.
Completed during NVIDIA AI internship.

Fairness Deconstructed: A Sociotechnical View of ‘Fair’ Algorithms in Criminal Justice.
arXiv (2021).
Rajiv Movva.
Final project for WGS.301 Feminist Theory at MIT.

In-silico Prediction of Synergistic Anti-Cancer Drug Combinations Using Multi-omics Data.
Scientific Reports (2019).
Remzi Celebi, Oliver Bear Don’t Walk, Rajiv Movva, Semih Alpsoy, Michel Dumontier.

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